Migrating Apache SSL Certs to IIS 6.0

happylock You probably think I’m crazy to mention IIS 6 in this day in age; you’d be right. Unfortunately legacy systems are legacy systems till they get replaced (hopefully soon). This weekend I had the joy of figuring out how to migrate a valid Apache SSL cert over to an old Windows 2003 box running IIS 6.


Dead MacBook or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Surface Pro 3

surface1 For about three weeks, I’ve carried around the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 as my “daily driver” laptop. I’ve written plenty of reviews about new machines, but what makes this “test” a little different is that I didn’t have a backup laptop. Under normal circumstances, anything I test is just a temporary thing. I may carry around a new device with me and use it as my primary computing platform for a week or so, but I always have the security blanket of my main machine. For the last couple of years, that primary machine has been a MacBook Air (well, really several MBAs). However, just after I got the Surface Pro 3 (SP3), I killed the LCD display driver (the physical component) during a meeting. I was in a rush so I grabbed the Surface Pro 3 which I had toyed with… and it became the aforementioned daily driver.


All Quiet on the Blog Front (again)

For those of you who might stop by semi-regularly, you’ve not seen me post in about 4 months. In fact, I’ve not regularly posted since January of this year and John has been carrying the weight. Work has “kept me out of trouble” as they say, or more correctly just been insanely busy. When I’m crazy busy at work I don’t have said time/energy to blog… which is quite unfortunate because that is the time when I have the best things to write about. If nothing else, I thought I’d mention a few of the crazy things I’ve been up to (and maybe I’ll get full posts about them later):

  • Migration to Office 365
  • I might actually like the Surface Pro 3
  • Turning ‘All Hands’ meetings into a TV Studio
  • Wirecast + Wowza + Cloudfront = Scaleable Streaming
  • Intel NUC’s for fun and profit
  • JAMF Distribution Server and the joys of Casper Suite
  • SmartSheets kicks a$$
  • All your assets are belong to Oomnitza
  • I <3 ZenDesk
  • I’m now the facilites manager too?
  • Touch-less AWS Environment
  • DIY Network Firewalls w/ pfSense
  • Private Clouds take on Public Clouds

I’m sure there’s more, but that should give you a taste of what’s been keeping me occupied. With any luck this list might slowly become actual articles.

FanimeCon 2014

Last year, I mentioned a long (4 hour) wait for badges. This year’s line, I am ecstatic to report, was much improved. I spent less than 10 minutes getting my badge. Take note: this was not 10 minutes of waiting. This was from the time I walked up to the sign that pointed pre-reg to the left, walked through the queue, strode up to the counter, handed over my QR Tag, watched badges being printed, picked up my swag bags, and walked out of the registration area.

The Fanime staff did wonderful work in getting this process fixed from the horrors of the last few years. According to the information in the program, one of the reasons this was much improved was due to the purchase of more printers. Regardless, this was the shortest line experience at the con, ever.


Fanime This Weekend

Fanime 2014 started recently, and Jon and I are planning on attending.

As previously reported, Jon went in 2009, convinced me to join him for 2010 (to which we did a five part followup), abandoned me for 2011, all of team snowulf went in 2012 (as covered by Jon, Lauren, and John), then I was abandoned again in 2013, though Jon stopped in to visit for a bit outside the convention.

If you recall (either from personal experience at the convention or from reading this blog), registration lines have been… horrible the last few years. Thankfully, many assurances have been given by Fanime staff that the registration problems of the last few years have been dealt with, or at the very least partially ameliorated. Time (and a follow-up blog post) shall tell. Additionally, some (all?) of the work on the Convention Center has been complete and there is now a Grand Ballroom, which is where Artist Alley will be located (rather than South Hall – aka down the street – like last year).

If you are interested in attending and have not yet acquired a ticket, you can still register at the con. Ticket prices have risen $10 from last year, i.e. a single day pass is between $40 and $50 depending on the day.
If you are still waffling about attending, take a peak at the schedule.

The “Smart” watch: The first few weeks

timexmessWhen I was a wee whippersnapper, I loved watches. Even at that age I was a technophile, so not only did I have a bunch of them, they were all the highest tech watches I could find. By today’s standards the watches are crude, but I had one that could tell the temperature (very handy in stuffy BART cars during class field trips), calculate (duh), and I even had one that functioned as a pager. Of course as technology progressed I started to spend my spare cash on computer related goodies instead of watches. Later the cellphone supplanted watches in terms of my interests. Now the “smart watch” revolution is in full swing and I’m taking a stab at it again.


Stamina Products Can Blow Me

I had a Stamina InTone Folding Recumbent Bike. I say had because a belt broke inside it about a month ago. I disassembled it to find the busted part and contacted the manufacturer for a replacement part. “Sure,” they said. “$13.99 covers the part, shipping, and handling and it will be to you in 7-13 days.”

Being the fool that I am, I took them at their word. However, after 13 days had gone by without a new part, I began to worry. I tried to call, but they were out of the office, so I emailed. No response 4 days later, so I call.


Myke Cole’s Breach Zone is out now!

The final book in Myke Cole‘s Shadow Ops trilogy, Breach Zone is out as of today.
If you liked Control Point or Fortress Frontier, this book will be right up your alley.
If you haven’t read the other 2, then go get all three right now and start reading Control Point. They’re wonderful reads.

Plus, if you buy now, then he’ll be even more influenced to write more stories in that universe.

Happy Birthday Snowulf!

keep-calm-and-eat-more-cake-2Recently, I was looking back into the Snowulf blog history books and noticed a date of importance was coming up. The title of this blog post should give it away but Snowulf’s introductory post, titled “Nift New Toys & New Domains“, was posted on this day… NINE years ago. Just this Christmas holiday I was talking to someone about how I’d been blogging for “6 or so years”. When I did the math and realized that six years was actually nine, damn how time flies.


Taking the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 for a spin

samsung-galaxy-note-10-2014Before I even talk about this device, I have to say something about its name. I know many journalists were bitching about model names being reduced to something like “GT-I9500″ or “SM-P600″ as being very confusing. That might be true, but “Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition” does not exactly roll off the tongue either. While I might have some issue with the name, I generally can’t find any issues with the device itself – except for the battery. As far as tablets I’ve used recently (including the new barrage of iPads), it’s probably my favorite large tablet.