Review: Brothers-All-Natural Crisps

Recently, at CostCo I picked up a variety pack of Brothers-All-Natural Crisps, I had previously experienced these in Disneyland, specifically the Asian Pears.

Having enjoyed these at Disneyland, I decided to go for the pack, which included Strawberry Banana and Fuji Apple.

Thus far, I think the Strawberry Banana pack is my favorite. It has a different texture than the Apple and Pear crisps, which are very melt in your mouth. Additionally, nutritionally the Strawberry Banana pack offer the most value (41% of your daily dose of Vitamin C).

All three are very tasty and very low in calories (Strawberry Banana being the highest at 45), and actually quite filling, though I have yet to try to use them as a substitute for a meal (nor do I plan to do so). I do however keep a bag in my desk drawer to snack on while I’m at work.

Lastly, Amazon has quite a selection beyond what I have tried.

Recommendation: Buy a pack! These are great healthy, and more importantly, tasty snacks.