Dentist really isn’t all that bad

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the dentist office. It wasn’t a regularly scheduled checkup; I was having some pain with a tooth. After some tinkering, they figured that I probably just bruised myself. I enjoyed myself so much that I signed up to go twice more over the next week. Ok, so maybe I didn’t “enjoy” it, but they found some locations of concern and wanted to do a little drilling. Of course they couldn’t do it in one sitting, hence the two appointments.

When I was young, I was drilled on and it was a very unfavorable experience. Once they even threatened to pull a stubborn baby tooth that wasn’t getting out. One of the worsts cases was when they dumped way too much nitrous in me and I freaked out; I’ve not touched nitrous since then.
Dentists tend to have a bad rap and not too many people enjoy going. Mostly I think it is because of these experiences we all have as a child.
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