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Doxie Go blinking rapidly – I broke it already?

I pulled my favoritest toy out of my computer bag this morning, my Doxie Go. I powered it on to scan something, except… the status light started blinking rapidly. Turned it off, turned it back on, switched to high quality scan mode, I even plugged it into the computer. No matter what I did, it kept blinking. I thought I had broken the unit and was about to be very sad.

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Review: Doxie Go (Scanner)

This week I got a brand new Doxie Go scanner. If you’ve never heard of it, have no fear. It’s a brand new model and honestly, I hadn’t heard about any of the other “Doxie” products before either. The Go is a portable cordless (not wireless – there’s a difference) scanner that has a built in battery and memory to scan “on the go”. It is a feed scanner that will do 300 dpi by default; it is also able to do 600 dpi. It is by no means a photo-scanner (Translation: It is not the device you use if you want to digitize your memories of high school forever in a digital format), that’s not what it is designed for. This is the scanner that you can drop into your bag/backpack/whatever, pull out and be scanning homework/receipts/printouts/instructions/bills/mail/notes in a matter of seconds.

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