Happy 4th!

Today, for those of us who live in America, we have the day off. Holiday weekends are always an appreciated respite from the rigors of daily life. In my particular case, I added a few extra days and made a trip of the occasion, so I’m on an extended vacation. I really hope that you are all enjoying your day and (if you are taking some time away from the computer) perhaps you won’t see this posting until the 5th or so. It’s a nice weekend (depending on where you are) so everyone should get outside and enjoy it. You never know when the aliens might show up and attack… but if they should, we’ve got Bill Pullman to pull us together!

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Ride Friday: Adding a Givi E55 top case

Damn lot of cargo space

The 4th of July is coming up soon, and that means summer is here! I decided that the holiday would be a perfect time for me to take a few extra days off and take a little motorcycle road trip. The thought was to take the motorcycle down someplace nice and scenic like the coast (i.e. US 101) and maybe spend some time in SoCal. Being the good and proper motorcyclist that I am, I went to get a bunch of servicing done on the bike (good thing too, turns out my rear brake pads were worn out). At the same time, I figured the trip was a good excuse to finally get a little more luggage, a top case to be exact. Now I don’t need that much space for myself but when you’ve got a traveling companion, it just makes things a little easier. And so, after much searching and researching, I decided on a Givi E55 Monokey Topcase, a Givi E183 Topcase Rack (specific to my BMW R1100RTP) and a Givi E111 Backrest. Last night I got all the parts in, installed them, and wrote up a nice little guide along with a video review.

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Arduino Makes Halloween Better!

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s a fun holiday where people get to mess around, have a good time… and family isn’t involved. For me, since about middle school, it’s been all about the decorating. I’ve done a lot of different decoration effects over the years, once I went as far as turning our 3 car garage into an haunted house once. This year wasn’t quite so elaborate, but it was greatly improved by the use of Arudino.

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