Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

Review: Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

The Kindle 3 makes for the 5th Kindle I’ve bought (previously 2 Kindle 1‘s, a Kindle 2, and Kindle DX Gen 1), it also marks the first Kindle I’ve actually bought a case for.  The Kindle 1 came with a case, albeit not a great one.  For most of the life of the Kindle 2, I didn’t have one, but fairly recently I was given a beat up spare to use.  I stick the Kindle in my fatigue pockets all the time, and the case makes it so I don’t have to worry about breaking another screen (did that with a K1). Since I’ve had the case on the K2, I’ve grown somewhat attached to having it.  I figured it would be nice to have another… and let’s be realistic… this new case has a freaking light built in! How cool is that?!

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