Securing your Apple adapters in conference rooms

Video_Conference_Room_West_of_Council_Chambers Modern IT is an increasingly Mac-friendly endeavor. One of the major annoyances (in my book) with Macs is the use of adapters and dongles. It isn’t so much that adapters are required, it’s that in shared spaces (such as conference rooms) you need to have them easily accessible AND removable, but not-easily wandered off with. This last requirement is the most troublesome for me because people seem to love to go wandering off with VGA and network adapters from conference rooms. They may have dozens of the damn things back at their desk (because I readily provide them to my users), but they’ll accidentally walk off with another. I found a solution to securing all types of Apple adapters in our conference rooms, and it costs about about $0.10 USD.

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Screen Issues on a Lenovo X201 running Ubuntu 10.04

Recently I was given a Lenovo X201 which had Ubuntu installed on it. The problem is that every time the computer booted up, the Ubuntu would come on screen briefly, then the screen would go black and the machine would encounter a hard lockup. You could tell it was locked up because the shift light was blinking (an unusual indicator, but it works).

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